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CloudVision empowers you to focus on your business model targets and will save your time and money on managing the site.





We have great experience working with WordPress.

We've poured all that know-how into creating the best managed WordPress hosting solution available today.


24x7 support

We don’t just fix problems. We stop them before they happen. Our team practices proactive support, which means we’re always on the lookout for errors in plugin code, site updates, and more. But we’re always just a click away if you need us.


Free SSL certificates

It can be difficult to obtain, install, and manage SSL certificates. We leverage Let’s Encrypt to ensure that every site on our servers is secured with an SSL certificate.



Site owners receive high availability and stability. With comprehensive monitoring in place, our system administrators can take proactive action to combat performance issues and ensure sites are running smoothly.


Free migration

Migrate your existing Wordpress website with easy steps and launch your website instantly. Our experts will do the heavy lifting for you.


Profesional Support

We provide personalized professional support for building, launching and managing your website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO to help your customers search your business and services online.


Monitoring & Reports

Keep track of the websites performance with regular monitoring reports along with PCI / PII compliance support



Staging sites as a testing ground in order to prevent errors occurring on 'live' websites.

Rich dashboards keep your entire company in sync.

Visualizing all your company's data and commication in one place helps reveal opportunities and expose trouble areas. Stop cobbling together spreadsheets, charts, graphs, CSVs, emails, and documents.

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Monitor and analyze your site.

Keep track of what's happening with your site, change settings and scale your site anywhere in the world.

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Monthly customer retention. Folks love Landkit and come back.


Guaranteed uptime for all of our services no matter what.


Our average review across all of our company product lines.

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